Saturday, August 13, 2011

Happy birthday....

August 14, 2011 our dear Mar Joseph Powathil turns 81....

സ്വയം കത്തി തിരുമ്പോഴും മറ്റുള്ളവര്‍ക് പ്രകാശമേകുന്ന മെഴുതിരി പോലെ അനേകര്‍ക്ക്‌ പ്രകാശമേകാന്‍, സ്വന്തം ജീവിതമ് ഉഴിഞ്ഞുവെച്ച അഭിവന്ദ്യ പവ്വത്തില്‍ മാര്‍ യൌസേപ്പ്‌ മെത്രാപ്പൊലീത്തക്കു ആയിരമായിരം ജന്മദിനാശംസകള്‍....

Image courtesy: 'Sadaram'-documentary by madhyasthan tv

Friday, July 8, 2011

Here is what Inter church council is....

Inter church council for education is a common platform for all christian churches in kerala to discuss the problems related to education field and give a proper order to the sector. It is an ecumenical council started by Mar Joseph Powathil before a long period. It is not a council of christian professional colleges. Inter church council captured the headlines of media, when mar powathil took the driver's seat, to protect the church's rights and social justice, when the previous communist government introduced the self financing bill that had clauses to indirectly capture the minority rights.

From that time onwards, Mar Powathil and Inter church council, stood for protecting minority rights and social justice in the field of professional education. Under the guidence of the council, two separate fedarations were formed, each one for engg and medical colleges. All the colleges which are a part of these federations are run by individual trusts or dioceses. The inter church council has no part in managemental process of each colleges. Hence the council has no profit from these colleges. But the council took up the issue only to protect the minority rights and the social justice. But every one argues that the coucil is business oriented. But according to the above facts, There is no point in that argument.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New facebook page dedicated to Mar Joseph Powathil

Facebook page dedicated to Archbishop Emeritus Mar Joseph Powathil, the voice of church in Kerala was launched. Please visit and like this page...

Mar Joseph Powathil: In truth and charity

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Happy Birthday!!!

This is the occasion of 80th birthday of our beloved archbishop. It is the time to thank the god almighty for the blessings he had showered upon us through this great son of syro malabar church. Lets continue supporting him...May the good god bless you...

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Successful Second Liberation Movement Through Ballot

And finally, the verdict of parliament elections are out…

Exactly this verdict is the outcome of huge amount of anger developed in the minds of the faithful people of kerala. It is a result of the strong reforms led by the church and the faithful against the atheists under the leadership of Mar Joseph Powathil, 'the great wall of the faithful and minorities'.This verdict is surely against the hidden agendas of the marxist govt to destroy the church and faith by all means including injecting the harmful germs of atheism into the children.

This is a strong replay to the communist think tanks, who thought that bishops and priests are just a minority in the church and nobody will be there to follow their words. But now it is the time to say that these think tanks are just a minority and there will be no one to play for their selfish dreams.

It is a verdict against a govt which tried their level best to destroy the church, by misusing the power by all means.

The role played by Mar Joseph powathil for this 'silent liberation movement through ballot' is of immense value. He was who replanted the importance of this move in the minds of people, which was very necessary for the existence of the church in Kerala. He was pretty much successful in explaining the selfish moves of govt, to all sections of society including minority and majority sections. It is because of this that the Marxists fell far away from the victory in Kerala. His works against the communist govt, with support from his classmate Sri Narayanakurup, general secretary of NSS, was a huge success. It worked against them a lot in the central Travancore. The surprisingly huge leads of UDF candidates proves that.

Just take an example of Changanacherry Legislative constituency, which is the headquarters of Archdiocese of Changanacherry and NSS. It was a constituency where the LDF candidate, Sri Suresh Kurup got a lead of 100 votes over the UDF candidate in the 2004 elections. It is a constituency where Kerala Congress(M) Chairman, Sri CF Thomas constantly wins. It should be noted that his lead was only about 9000 in the last assembly elections. But now, in this 2009 elections, Sri Kodikkunnil Suresh who is the UDF candidate of Mavelikkara, wins with a lead of about17000 from changanacherry, which is the one third of his total lead of 48080 votes from Mavelikkara loksabha constituency. This is just one case among many.

This proves that the ideology of Mar Joseph Powathil was a complete success in the elections, to give out a sudden shock to the selfish rule of atheists.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Mar Joseph Powathil, 'The Great Wall Of the Church'

Mar Joseph Powathil can be considered as the 'GREAT WALL OF THE CHURCH', in front of new age crisis. It is only because of his presence and motivation that the church succeeded in resisting the atheism and atheist attack against the faith and minority rights of the church.

In the Self financing collage issues, KEAR modifications, Curriculum frame work, Centralized 'One window' program for the XI admission procedure or in the new text book dilemma, what ever be the problems, it was mar powathil's firm determinations and beliefs, that led the church into the track to fight against it.

Thus what ever be the problem, mar powathil is there, right in front of it, as a great wall or a huge mountain, to protect the faith and rights of the church.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Profile Of Ministry In 'Truth And Charity'

Born on August 14, 1930 P.J. Joseph had his primary education in Holy Family L.P. School and St. Peter's U.P. School, Kurumpanadom and High School education in St. Berchman's High School Changanassery. He had his higher studies in S.B. College Changanassery and Loyola College, Madras, from where he took his M.A degree in Economics.He did his seminary studies in St. Thomas petit seminary, Parel and Papal Seminary Pune. After Ordination on 3rd October 1962 at Pune he was appointed lecturer in Economics and Warden of St. Joseph's Hostel, St. Berchmans' College, Changanassery. He was on the campus ministry for one decade(1962-1972). During this period he had the advantage of taking a one year course in Developmental Economics at the prestigious Oxford University.That was in 1969.He took keen interest also in the study of the ancient patrimony of the Syro-Malabar Church and for its restoration in accordance with the directives of Vatican II, as a member of the Central Liturgical Committee of the Church. He was actively involved in the various apostolate of the Archdiocese and was secretary of the Pastoral Council for a short period.On January 29, 1972 he was nominated Auxiliary Bishop of Changanassery and was ordained bishop by Pope Paul VI on Feb.13, 1972 in Rome. During the five years of his service as Auxiliary Bishop and Vicar General (ex officio) introduced many reforms in the Archdiocese in close collaboration with the Archbishop Mar Antony Padiyara.Realizing the importance of Youth apostolate he took the initiative in establishing a Diocesan Youth Movement called 'Yuvadeepti'. In course of time it spread to all the Dioceses in Kerala leading to the formation of Kerala Catholic Youth Movement (KCYM). He was at the forefront in the struggle for educational freedom. He helped the Archbishop in establishing several institutions for the under privileged such as homes for the the mentally retarded and the physically handicapped.During the next 9 years he was entrusted with the task of nurturing the new born diocese of Kanjirappally to which he was appointed bishop on February 26,1977 and assumed charge on May 12, 1977.Bishop Powathil was appointed Archbishop of Changanassery on November 16, 1985 and he assumed charge on January 17 the next year. True to his motto, the ministry of Mar Joseph Powathil as bishop and Archbishop has been one of dedication and commitment to 'Truth and Charity'. Past seventy, and thirty years in episcopacy, Mar Powathil's ministry transcends the bounds of the Archdiocese and the people entrusted to his care. He served as President of CBCI (1994-98), Chairman of KCBC (1993-96) & Chairman of Education commision of C.B.C.I. He is at present a member of the Post Synodal Commission for Asia (1998) and Chairman of KCBC Commission for Education, Chairman of commission for Ecumenism of the Syro Malabar Bishops' Synod and founder Chairman of Inter Church Council.The Syro-Malabar Church in which he was born and brought up was always close to his heart. He was always a devoted son of this Church, and therefore always on the forefront in the struggles for the restoration of its legitimate rights and its identity as an Individual Church.He did a great deal to promote formation based on this, to priests, religious and the laity (Oriental Study Forum, Dukrana, Christian Orient, Missionary Orientation Centre (MOC), Amala Theological College, Marthoma Vidyanikethan, Zion Retreat House etc.). He also founded an Eastern Monastic congregation - Sisters of St. Thomas (SST). The new priests' Home stands out as a symbol of his care and concern for the elderly and sickly priests.Archbishop Mar Powathil has been a staunch defender of the teachings of the Magisterium. His concern for the poor, the underprivileged and the marginalized was such that he initiated a number of schemes for their development. The Malanad Development Society and Sahyadri Project in Kanjirappally Diocese, and the various projects of the Changanassery Social Service Society (CHASS) bear ample testimony to this. Worthy of special mention also are the foundation of Bl. Alphonsa Sneha Nivas for street children and Bl. Alphonsa centre for the terminally ill.Mar Powathil's pastoral outlook is broad and encompasses the non-Catholics and even the non-Christians. He is well known in the Ecumenical Movement (Inter-Church Council, Nilackal Ecumenical Trust) and the Church's fellowship with followers of other religions (Religious Fellowship Foundation).The source of Mar Joseph Powathil's sense of mission and dedication is undoubtedly his commitment to Truth and Charity, enriched by his solid faith and life in the spirit. Archbishop Mar Joseph Powathil retired from his service on 19th March 2007.